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Ex-Director of WFP JAPAN

Mr. Stephan Anderson

Made a keynote speech in ISC62 in 2016

         In early September 2016 I had the great honor to participate in the final discussions of the ISC 62 in Tokyo. First, I gave a presentation about hunger as one of the major global challenges which requires urgent attention of the international community and the work of the United Nations World Food Programme, which aims to support global efforts to achieve Zero Hunger by saving lives of the most vulnerable hungry people in 80 countries worldwide while working with governments and communities to support their efforts to strengthen resilience and improve their livelihoods. I also listened to the ISC working group presentations and contributed comments and observations. Overall, I was extremely impressed by content of the presentations and the maturity of the ISC participants. I was similarly impressed with the fact that ISC is entirely student organized, and ISC participants’ strong interest in identifying innovative ways of tackling critical topics affecting Japan and the world. Given this experience, I wholeheartedly commend the ISC for its mission and wish it continuing success going forward.


Nelson Forero Salcedo

From Colombia. Participant of ISC63

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          Tenía grandes expectativas cuando descubrí ISC, sus metas y proyectos eran realmente ambiciosos y puedo decir sin duda alguna que viví una experiencia que superó todas mis expectativas. En primer lugar, mi meta principal era descubrir la cultura japonesa, pero en ese momento no tenía idea de cuan enriquecedor sería hacerlo mientras aprendía a la vez como mejorar una amplia variedad de habilidades. Desde el comienzo me percaté que esta experiencia era algo que iba más allá de mis expectativas: Conocí gente fantástica de diferentes culturas, cultivé mi comprensión del mundo y desarrollé mis habilidades creativas y de liderazgo. ISC me permitió transmitir mis ideas y encontrar muchas diferentes. Fui capaz de discutir muchos temas fascinantes y de contrastar mis pensamientos con personas de todo el mundo. En segundo lugar, también me permitió practicar las lenguas extranjeras que estoy aprendiendo. Pude practicar mi inglés, mejorar mi japonés y divertirme aprendiendo pequeños pedazos de muchas otras lenguas. ¡Esta experiencia lo tuvo todo! Las charlas que tuvimos me desafiaron intelectualmente, hice nuevos amigos y descubrí una cultura asombrosa. Durante las conferencias también pude aprender bastante de muchas otras culturas. Además, pude desarrollar una gran consciencia cultural, soy más mente abierta y consciente de la importancia de promover el liderazgo y la diversidad cultural. Cada punto de vista es esencial cuando se intenta resolver un problema ya que cada cultura tiene una perspectiva muy diferente del problema en sí mismo y de sus potenciales soluciones. Este viaje me ayudó a aprender más sobre mí mismo, pude cuestionar mis valores, creencias y perspectivas. Eso es probablemente uno de los mejores aspectos, qué tanta perspectiva obtienes sobre los problemas relevantes del mundo y el gran impacto que las ideas tienen en la mente de las personas. Este es un viaje intercultural que te invita a transformar tu pensamiento. Tendrás la oportunidad de aprender sobre la historia, tradiciones, comida, ciudades y costumbres de Japón mientras también compartes y construyes pensamientos sobre una gran variedad de temáticas. Los recuerdos que tengo de esos días son genuinamente un tesoro, valoro todo lo que aprendí y sigo trabajando duro por obtener una visión más profunda de los problemas que me conciernen como un ciudadano global efectivo y productivo.

[  English Version  ]

I had big expectations when I discovered ISC, its goals and projects were really ambitious, and I can say undoubtedly that I lived an experience that exceeded every expectation I had. First of all, my main goal was to discover Japanese culture but at that time I had no idea how enriching it could be to discover it while learning how to enhance a wide variety of abilities. From the very start I noticed that this experience was something which went beyond my expectations: I met fantastic people from different cultures, I cultivated my understanding of the world and developed my creative and leadership skills.

ISC allowed me to transmit my ideas and find so many different ones. I was able to discuss many fascinating topics and contrast my thoughts with people from all over the world. Secondly, it also allowed me to practice the foreign languages which I am learning. I could practice my English, improve my Japanese and have fun learning little pieces of many other foreign languages.

This experience had everything! The talks we had challenged me intellectually, I made new friends and discovered an amazing culture. During the conferences I also learned a lot from many different cultures. Besides, I could develop a great cultural awareness; I am more open-minded and aware of how important it is to promote leadership and cultural diversity. Every point of view is essential when trying to solve a problem since every culture has a very different perspective of the problem itself and its potential solutions.

This journey helped me to learn more about myself, I could question my values, beliefs and perspectives. That is probably one of the best aspects, how much perspective you gain about the world's relevant issues and the great impact ideas have on people's minds. This is an intercultural journey which invites you to transform your thinking. You will have the chance to learn about Japan's history, traditions, food, cities and customs while also sharing and building your thoughts on a wide variety of matters. The memories I have from those days are genuinely a treasure, I value everything I learned and I keep working hard for gaining a more profound insight into the issues that concern me as an effective and productive global citizen.




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