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Overall Theme

Big Step
New chapter in the story of the global society and our lives

2022 - Having been prospecting “Post Covid Era”, the global society has mapped out key strategic priorities for further changes and development worldwide. Nevertheless, there has been a growing concern about new variants and infection spikes; hence, it is imperative for governments to take a careful, step-by-step approach to maintain socio-economic stability. Meanwhile, this era of coronavirus has altered lives in the global community in various ways. At the same time, a number of social issues have become visible in the light of crisis management.


In ISC68th, students will think through problems in this fast-changing world and bring forward realistic and effective proposals. Furthermore, this theme implies changes of ourselves and participants themselves. This means that during the two-month program, students from around the world will learn from each other, improve each other's skills and eventually become a better version of themselves.  Therefore, We committee members have strong desire to provide such an opportunity for all of them. Finally, we have this goal that the program will provide a boost of energy to both global society and to the lives of the participants.

Table  1 Journalism: The phenomenon of fake news and disinformation

Table 1 Journalism: The phenomenon of fake news and disinformation

While social media is replacing conventional media tools as the major source of information and news, it has become more and more difficult to maintain and regulate information flow.

Table 2  International Law

Table 2 International Law

Approximately 66°30’N. Land covered by ice and snow.
The northeast region of the earth- Arctic area. There are many unknown problems that need to be solved.

Table 3 Smart and Accessible Mobility in Cities

Table 3 Smart and Accessible Mobility in Cities

By 2040, almost 65% of the world's population are expected to be living in cities, while there are still urban problems that need to be fixed, especially in the mobility and accessibility issues.

Table 4 Social Work Practice

Table 4 Social Work Practice

Population aging is one of the most significant dimensions of global demographic change. Social work practice with elderly focuses on adapting the policies and services to respond to the changing age structure.

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