Table 3 Smart and Accessible Mobility in Cities

By 2040, almost 65% of the world's population are expected to be living in cities, while there are still urban problems that need to be fixed, especially in the mobility and accessibility issues.

In recent years, smart cities have become the acclaimed advanced solution to issues and challenges in urban development. One of the dimensions of a smart city is smart mobility, which the mobility dimension itself is ​​inseparable from the development of urban environments. There are existing issues related to mobility that exist in almost every city in the world, related to urban transportation and mobility modes. At this table, we are going to discuss how to improve peoples’ way of life and everyday mobilizing habits in a city while contributing to the other smart cities dimensions.

Message from TC:
Hi! I’m Aliya. Thank you so much that you’ve decided to join my table. I’m here to spread the message and awareness that we have to design a city for humans and ease the access and mobility for every society group, and I hope you have the same passion too! I am thrilled to be a part of ISC and I cannot wait for you to join us aboard at ISC and at my table. It is exciting to welcome everyone who is interested in my table because we will have a great time working to be the changemaker while having fun!

SDGs: (3) Good Health and Well-being, 7(Affordable and Clean Energy), 10 (Reducing Inequality), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals)

Possible Issues?:
1. under-performed and inequitable mobility infrastructure (Public transport system, pedestrian and cycling facilities, etc)

2. the non inclusive accessibility for vulnerable group (for old-aged people, people with disabilites, kids, women???)

3. city traffic (how can we address city traffic through the solutions)

4. pollution and emission gas (defo will decrease if the city traffic can be decreased and implemented other mobility mode)

5. the unintegrated physical access

6. Unintegrated technology and information system of the city

Slogan connection: Big step in this topic’s context is about stepping into the better future of society; the cities, home of millions of people. This topic is trying to accelerate the SDGs by being one of the big steps of the progress to sustainable and accessible mobility in cities around the world.

Expected outcome(s): Policy proposal along with case studies and/or framework.

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